Fog warning labelWhat burglars can't see, they can't steal!

Fog security protects against theft, burglary,  vandalism and robbery - in just seconds!

A Fog Cannon fills a rooms with dense fog in a matter of seconds, making it impossible to see your hand in front of your face.

Fog Cannon, smoke cannon or fog generator...

These three words describe the same highly effective burglary prevention system - security fog protection. In contrast to surveillance cameras, fog security immediately stops burglars in their tracks by obscuring everything they have come to steal from sight within seconds. This forces the burglar to exit the building from where they broke in.


Warehouse - Protect - Security fog protectionSecurity fog protection in small as well as large spaces

There are practically no limits to which valuables and spaces that can be protected by our fog security system. Every day, our fog cannons protect companies of all sizes in the UK, Denmark and across the globe from major losses, high insurance premiums and unpleasant experiences caused by burglary, vandalism and robbery.

Our fog resembles smoke, which is completely safe and harmless, It also has a system that prevents the fog from being activated accidentally by someone who is not a burglar.

Unbeatable fog security - globally

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2 + 3* year's warranty 

You will get 2 + 3* years warranty on all our fog cannon sold after 1 July 2012
and which are registered on our website after your installation.

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QUMULUS frontNew product: Designed for private residence and exclusive offices

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Did you know that fog security is used against robberies and mugging?

High-risk shops as kiosks, petrol stations, banks and jewellery shops release the fog security by pressing the panic button. The robber loses his bearings and runs away.

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